I follow a multi-faceted method combining both physical and spiritual aspects.

The deep core muscles in a woman's body are the foundation for the external muscles.

Strengthening them is paramount to creating support for the external muscles.

The female body undergoes many changes throughout its life and through listening to it and doing the accompanying physical work, we can support it and create a profound change in the body structure itself.  

In each class, we will focus on the deeper layer of the core muscles, such as the pelvic floor muscles, transverse abdominal muscle ,erector spinae muscles & multifidus.  On top of these, we will add the outer layer of the muscles that is important to us women from a health standpoint as well as an aesthetic one - triceps, waist, glutes, obliques and more. From a spiritual perspective, we will work on listening to the body's powerful and natural indicators through which we can learn to translate into physical work. 

Studio classes are intimate, cozy and warm.

Class sizes are small and allow for personal attention to each and every student.

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